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(Updated 26th June)


  1. Sale will go live at 11am UTC time on July 1st. Everything you need will be inside of 1 back office. Daisy token back office will be accessed exactly as your current back office.
  2. Must be registered in Daisy prior to this time.
  3. Each member will have a pre-assigned allocation for rounds 1 and 2 based on your current tier at that time, and will have a 12 hour window to secure these rounds.
  4. Whatever tokens remain after tier allocation periods will then be available to all members regardless of tier level.
  5. The presale will end on July 7that 11am UTC.
  6. A final referral round will be available to non-daisy members and can only be accessed from a daisy member referral link. If the full 300M presell tokens are sold during rounds 1-4, there will be no referral round. Referral round will also go to rewards plan.
  7. Any unsold presell tokens will be burned.



  1. To avoid a pump and dump of Daisy token and to maintain strong growth in the open market, the presell will follow the standard industry protocol for vesting, and with the added benefits of staking.
  2. Presell members will receive 5% of vested tokens when the Daisy token goes live on the exchanges on August 1st, distributed daily over 90 days.
  3. Once the Daisy Platform goes live in 90 days, an additional 5% of tokens will be unvested each month.
  4. Vested tokens will receive the benefits of staking, including yields of new projects, governance voting, and 1stround exclusives for each new project launch (DCO – Decentralized Crowd Offering).
  5. Bonus pool tokens will be vested for 12 months, with a 5% a month release beginning with month 13. Bonus tokens are not eligible for staking during the vesting period, only purchased tokens.

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