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  • Well over $100 millions in Daisy Global Crowd Fund project
  • More than 91,000 active users signed up globally
  • 20% of Daisy AI development (10 Millions Target) has been achieved
  • Over 259 Pacesetter Gold Qualifiers (Recruits 24 directs + $128,000 Direct funds)
  • Over 33 Pacesetter Leadership Qualifiers (Help 3 directs to become Gold!)
  • All qualifiers will instantly enjoy a total of 3.6% global contributions & 2.5% global trading rewards!

As Daisy 2.0 continues to grow globally, everyone is anticipating for our trading rewards by Endotech to be released too! Remember the road ahead is still bright!

  • Phase 1 Development: $500 million AUM for Crypto AI
  • Phase 2 Development: $1 Billion AUM for Forex AI
  • Phase 3 Development: Stock AI & Endotech to be listed

Let’s make history together!


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