Frequently Asked Questions


Is this DAISY official website?

No, this is not the official website for DAISY. This is an independent team page organized professionally by the global leaders of The Whales.

What is DAISY?

With exclusive partnership with Endotech, DAISY is a revolutionary Smart Contract on the Blockchain that allows you to immediately participate in the passive trading rewards, own stock equity and earn instant & reoccurring commission from a decentralised app for as low as USD100 contribution to the crowdfund.

Where is Endotech located?

Israel. Please visit for more information.

Where is DAISY crowdfunding registered?

Estonia. The country can issue shares to unlimited number of crowdfunding members.

Daisy Smart Contract

Who created DAISY Smart Contract?

DAISY Smart Contract belongs to a group of crypto enthusiasts who established business partnership with Endotech.

What is a Smart Contract and its advantages?

Once a Smart Contract goes live on the Blockchain, it cannot be modified. The transaction history on the Blockchain is fully transparent and verifiable.

Who manages the platform?

DAISY is a decentralized application that is equally available to everyone. Smart Contracts enable contracts to be fully executed without human interaction. Hence, there is no company, CEO, administrator, or any third-party interference in this project.

What are the advantages of TRON Smart Contracts compared to Ethereum Smart Contracts?

TRON Smart Contracts offer a faster transaction with lower fees. TRON Token (TRX) has a bright future to become one of the emerging decentralized app platforms.

What makes DAISY different from other Smart Contracts?

Many Smart Contracts do not provide passive trading rewards, you can only make new commissions from the newest recruits. Once the recruitment ended and funding dried up, you will no longer get paid.

DAISY is the first Smart Contract which offers legitimate passive trading rewards. You can enjoy the passive trading rewards even when there is no recruitment.

Our Fund

Is my trading fund safe?

Yes, it is. Neither Endotech nor DAISY can withdraw the fund. The withdrawal function keys will be managed by 4 escrow accounts from 4 countries, monitored by 4 different law firms. Stay tuned for more detail.

Can I check my trading fund?

Absolutely! You can see a fully transparent trading fund status displayed at your backoffice. In the coming weeks, there will be a quarterly financial audit report provided by one of the world’s top 5 accounting firms.

Which exchange does Endotech trade in?

Binance. Endotech has been a registered brokerage account with Binance.

Contribution Package

Which contribution package should I start with?

You can start as low as USD100. We strongly advise you to conduct your own due diligence and start with package that you are comfortable with, in accordance to personal financial circumstances and risk tolerance.

How many percentages of my trading fund goes to Endotech and DAISY referral plan respectively?

Tier 8 to Tier 10: 70% to Endotech trading & 30% to DAISY referral plan

Tier 1 to Tier 7: 50% to Endotech trading & 50% to DAISY referral plan

Can my trading fund be refunded?

Yes, once the Asset Under Management (AUM) reaches $500M, your trading fund will be refunded to you. You can either withdraw or compound it to earn more trading rewards.

Profit rewards

What is the expected daily or monthly percentage of the trading?

Based on the historical performance, Endotech can generate trading profit between 200% to 800% annually. However, past performance does not guarantee future performance. Please visit for the historical performance of Endotech

There is no fixed daily or monthly percentage. You may see several trades in a month from Endotech at your backoffice. Once any open trade is closed with profitable results, the trading rewards will be transferred to your wallet.

Which trading AI strategy does Endotech use?

Endotech uses breakout strategy instead of daily trading or high frequency trading.

Referral plan

Can USA citizens participate?

Unfortunately, DAISY is not available in USA.

Can I register without an introducer’s referral link?

No, you need a referral link to register an account. Please get in touch with the person who introduces you this opportunity.

I’m ready to join! What are the steps to sign up?

Please refer to the Resources Page to find out how to setup Tronlink wallet and the steps to fund in.

Can I participate in the passive trading rewards and earn other bonuses without referring anyone?

Yes, you can earn stock equity and matrix level 1 & 2 bonuses from the spillover without referring to anyone. For more information, please refer to the Business Plan.

How much commission can I earn?

The amount of commission depends on the activities of you and your team. Please note that there is no income guarantee.

How long do I need to wait upon withdrawal request?

Instantly! Every transaction is processed with automation through the Smart Contract.

Does my genealogy and matrix position remain the same when the crowdfund moves into Forex AI or Stock AI in the upcoming phases?

Yes, your matrix position and genealogy stay the same! You do not need to re-register. The sooner you join, the higher you are at the matrix position.

Risk factor

Is there any risk/loss for this project?

There is no guarantee in profit or loss. Crypto market is volatile, you must conduct your own due diligence and be solely responsible for your risk tolerance.

Legal Disclaimer

Purchasing the DAISY Crowd Fund packages is a contribution to the equity crowd fund for the Daisy AI development and not a trading investment. Endotech is giving both shares of stock in the company and profit sharing from trading results, to each contributor as crowd funding rewards.

Prior to Endotech going public, shares of Endotech stock will be rewarded to each Crowd Fund contributor. Stock certificates will require a KYC verification of each member's legal identity before any shares of stock can be rewarded. In the case that Endotech does not go public, the equity will be converted into dividends for each member.

The trading accounts will be used for the purpose of testing and developing. Past performance does not guarantee future results, and is for informational purposes only. Historical performances shown are also the result of compounding profits. Profit rewards are contingent upon profitable trading performance and results are not a guarantee. All performance will be visible with full transparency to each crowd fund member.

Up to 46% of funds are designated in the Smart Contract for marketing via the referral rewards plan.

DAISY is not available in the US.

Have any more questions?

Feel free to contact us.