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The Whales is an international community comprises of serial entrepreneurs, network marketing professionals,
business owners, crypto opportunists and investors in USA, Asia, Canada, Europe, Latin America, Australia/ Oceania and all around
the world over 25 countries supporting 10 global languages. It is important to work with the right values, and right system
with the right team.

Crypto market is very violatile. We are not any financial advisors or experts. Every team leader, member & investor here has
conducted their own due diligence & educated themselves with the risk involved before participating in any project. You are
solely responsible for determining whether each project is appropriate for you, according to your personal investment
objectives, financial circumstances and risk tolerance.

In today’s economy, we understand the importance to diversify our income portfolio in both passive & active income.
Therefore, as a global team we will constantly look out for good and reliable profitable projects to diversify into. We provide
a strong and duplicable system & resources for people to win long term and grow your organisation rapidly & globally. This
is why we invite you to take a look at what we do at The Whales, as we help people around the world to live better and
become successful through this community.

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